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SIMPLE... I see shit, I like it I post it. I make short films, music videos, web content and guess what... I post that too.

So, come see life how I see it.

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Drake - 5 AM in Toronto (Explicit) New from Ashley Smith Films on Vimeo.

I’m a huge Drake Fan. I think he is lyrically one of the greatest musicians of this era. With that said… He dropped an aggressive track recently and I HAD to put some visuals to it. I couldn’t let the opportunity pass me.

Shot and Directed by your’s truly @Ash_Innovator
Arri Alexa and Ultra Prime Set

Executive Producer - CiEsta
Director/DP - Ashley Smith AKA Ash Innovator
AC - Brenna Perez

Old Man - John Tobias
Upset Home Owner - Laurie Folkes
Hottie - Jolene Marquez