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Rick Ross Feat Jay-Z - The Devil is A Lie (Explicit) NEW

From the Independent mind of film maker Ashley Smith and Ash Innovator films, comes what is one of the most controversial and blasphemous music videos i have seen to date.  Playing directly off of the music industry’s speculations of Illuminati and Satanism in Hip Hop and entertainment at large. These images depict the conjuring visions of back room conversation and mind dwellings that we all in some way have entertained over the last 5-7 years in entertainment. It is offensive? Is it Blasphemy? Is it any more guilty than the thoughts we breath life into with our views and conversation? Or, is it just offensive because now it’s a visual reality that you can now lay eyes on?.  Ashley Smith has reached into the minds and conversations of the masses and utilized this bold and very vocally forward song as a vehicle to put imagery to the uttering and the moral and emotional disposition of the world we live in. A mirror has been turned and a light has been shed. As you sit and consume this visual the very moment you try and become holier the thou and step up on your pulpit, recall the very fact that the Devil is a Liar…


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There is so much GREAT talent out here.  Really amazing Directors and Cinematographers. Many that we know so little about.  I just hope I can live up to my end. 

There were quite a few bizarities and reallly amazing visual concepts that made this video seem very surreal. It’s amazing.

THIS THE SHIT I DON’T LIKE RIGHT HERE.  SOO FUCKING SAD.  We work so hard to create work.  So for it to just get stolen like that?  Why would a guy Like Kanye West steal my shit? a nobody.  I can barely pay rent.  Hire me, don’t just jack my shit.

Shout out to my nigga JD for putting this together.  Youtube and vimeo already blocked it but fuck it, keep pushing.

OMG, this video was Trill.  I don’t know why West Indians always get a pass at some of those dance moves.  This is going to be a classic video though.  It’s tough.  Trinidad, kind of reminds me of A$AP a bit.  

TRILL shit though.  I’m going to Download the mixtape!