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SIMPLE... I see shit, I like it I post it. I make short films, music videos, web content and guess what... I post that too.

So, come see life how I see it.

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Who Do You Love Colored Final from Ashley Smith Films on Vimeo.

Music Video performing Who Do You Love? (C) 2014

Directed By: @Ash_Innovator
*Production Company: Smith Hage Productions -
*Executive Producer: CiEsta!
*Ivy League Thug: Rit Weaver
*Ivy League Thug: Stephen Stapinski
*Ivy League Hottie: Cari Rivera
*Chicken Fryer: Anthony Cumberbatch
*Spades Player: Sibongile Cummings
*Spades Player:
*Spades Player:
*Spades Player:
*Cinematographer: Ash Innovator
*Production Manager: Don Marin
*Gaffer: Christian Aspiazo
*Grip: Lou Blackmon
*Set Design: Lou Blackmon
*Equipment: Hand Held Films
Special Thanks to Uncle Steven
Shoutout to Alex Resnikoff & John Bargiel

"We don’t claim to own this music. All rights go to MMG/DefJam/UMG. Made for entertainment only & fair use under US Law."

Livewire - LOF (Official Video) from Ashley Smith Films on Vimeo.

Official video for hip hop artists and friend, Livewire. This was a tough shoot. Nothing went as planned, but it always works out in the end.

Directed By: @Ash_Innovator

Elder Live - David Pendleton
Elder Woman - Miatta Smith

Shot on Old School Red One (Hate That Camera) w/Cooke S4s

Danity Kane - Bye Baby (Explicit) NEW from Ashley Smith Films on Vimeo.

Music Video performing Bye Baby (C) 2014

Listen to Danity Kane Now!!!!

Directed By: @Ash_Innovator

"We don’t claim to own this music. All rights go to Warner Music. Made for entertainment only & fair use under US Law."

Here is another one of my viral conceptions. As I promised many more to come this year.

Skating Woman - Parvati
Douche Bag Husband - T. Boomer Tibbs
Hot Blond - Jasmine Marilena
Elder Black Man - Laurie Folkes


Rick Ross Feat Jay-Z - The Devil is A Lie (Explicit) NEW

From the Independent mind of film maker Ashley Smith and Ash Innovator films, comes what is one of the most controversial and blasphemous music videos i have seen to date.  Playing directly off of the music industry’s speculations of Illuminati and Satanism in Hip Hop and entertainment at large. These images depict the conjuring visions of back room conversation and mind dwellings that we all in some way have entertained over the last 5-7 years in entertainment. It is offensive? Is it Blasphemy? Is it any more guilty than the thoughts we breath life into with our views and conversation? Or, is it just offensive because now it’s a visual reality that you can now lay eyes on?.  Ashley Smith has reached into the minds and conversations of the masses and utilized this bold and very vocally forward song as a vehicle to put imagery to the uttering and the moral and emotional disposition of the world we live in. A mirror has been turned and a light has been shed. As you sit and consume this visual the very moment you try and become holier the thou and step up on your pulpit, recall the very fact that the Devil is a Liar…


Twitter and InstaGram: @ash_Innovator

Monster Vibes “a night of Inspiration” hosted by Tyson Beckford from Ashley Smith Films on Vimeo.

On Dec 6th 2013 in Miami FL, Monster hosted an event at the Toe Jam compound called Vibes “a night of Inspiration”. hosted by Tyson Beckford with art installations by Robert Peterson, Gil Green, Jonathan Mannion, among other live installation artists, the even was a culmination of the sounds, sights and tastes of the miami artistic scene in celebration of the ART BASEL event weekend.

Stose - Misfits [Official Video] from Ashley Smith Films on Vimeo.

This had to be the most fun shoot I ever had. I have had some really awesome shoots in my day. But this video was so turnt. I’m glad Stose hired me for this one. Everything about making this video was AWESOME.

I hope you enjoy.

Shot on Sony PMW-F5

Production Co.: Smith Hage Productions
Executive Producer: CiEsta
Director: Ash Innovator
Cinematographer: Michael Rosetti

Art Direction: Clark
AC: Doug Durant
2nd AC: Cameron Berton
Gaffer: Ben Rutowski
Grip: Nate Milette
Swing: Praveen Elankumaran

Editor: Andrew Rowley
Color: Jamie Obradovich [Company 3]

Prep Cast
Samantha Midler
Julie Robles
Alexander Mannara
Justin Michael Wagner
Kate Cherichello
Adam August
Alexis Rose
Luke Doyle
Bill Bria
Tyler Peyton
Kelsey Sheppard
Prep Dad – Randall Mcneal

Fred Siedler
James Dinonno
Joseph Bessette
Stephen Stapinksi

Punk Cast
Jennifer Williams
Akshay Reddy
Elder/Hasidic Punk - Gerald Levine
Odeliya Harel
Kayla Bogan
Mery Cheung
Mandy Weiss
Tabetha Ray
Eileen Dee
Kimberly Dorsey
Elder Punk – Ms. Parvati
Skyler Marshall
Taylor Logue
Toni Maria Purichia
Zack Grasso
Soheil Hamedyazdan
Jon Obakayashi
Soudabeh Abbasi
Alexandra Hoffman Beechko

Hip Hop Crowd
Steven Hylton
Natalie Friedman - Twerker
Ally Brunetti - Twerker
Tara Desimone
Owen McPherson
Ronelle Goodman
Barak Raz
Melissa Campbell
Karma Jenkins
Stephanie Marie – Twerker

Livewire - Out Of Style Feat. Jim Jones from Ashley Smith Films on Vimeo.

I’m just getting this up and running on my vimeo account. We shot this back in March. The day before Amatus’s Messin video, which was the day my son Tyler came along.

This was a fun shoot, thanks to Livewire I got to meet Jim Jones and Fred the Godson. Both were really cool guys I enjoyed working with. I’m glad for the opportunities Live gives me and I hope for many many more.

This video is dedicated to the memory of Elizabeth Johnson who we lost a few days after the shoot.

Shot on Arri Alexa on sxs cards.

Smith Hage Productions
Executive Producer - CiEsta
Director - Ash Innovator

Leading Ladies
Elizabeth Johnson
Athenas Duche

Cinematographer - Jon Fordham
AC - Lola

Gaffer - Brian Yankou
Grip - Matthew Manning
Grip - Jason Krawcyzk
Swing - Jack McDonald

RIP Elizabeth Johnson

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